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Friday, March 11th, 2005
9:42 pm
After spending in total 12 hours on 2 buses I arrived to border town of Chiang Khong.
Over the river is Laos where i go tomorrow.

All the best..
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
11:42 am
I'm now back for my motorable (if you know what i mean) trip at the north east of thailand. It was awesome! Amazing feeling of freedom! Saw alot of nature, waterfalls, flowers and been walking in the jungle. And in all that time hardly saw any tourists!
It's much easier to get of the beaten track in Thaland than i though. Maybe I had really low expectations of thailand after so many people told me that Thailand just isn't the real thing (not India:), but i do find thailand interesting and people very warm, friendly and civilized (wich is good change after India.

Now i'm in bus station at Chiang Mai waiting for my bus for laos border. There were
buses before but they were full! No seats available. I tried to explain that i can stand or sit on the floor. No Possible! So now i need to wait 1.5 hours! I can't fucking believe that! Imagine this shit happens in India! hh. The bus there wouldn't move if it's not packed enough!
Oh boy....The real problem of Thailand is that it's too much advanced here.. to many computers... Too much civilization! The roads are very good though. Which is good. But the bus drivers are so lame. I miss indian pilot-drivers that take you to rollercoaster every time you step inside the bus.

Current Mood: Ehh.
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
10:21 pm
i now at a new quiet place at north of thailand - PAI. Stay in bungallo with beautiful view, made
fully from bamboo- very enveromentally friendly, and the place is like home, it's run by a very friendly woman, who makes you feel like home. There's DVD and tv and alot of movies so the first
day i spent watching movies! Just been laying on the carpet in front of tv... Like home.
Yesterday and today i rented bicycle and saw surroundings. Nice and peacefull here. And now i'm using the internet of the GH for FREE!

Yesterday saw Cold Mountain. Very good movie , but that's npot the point. There are alot of views of mountains, snow, river. My heart ached. I thought of Nepal, the himalaya, all the beauty i saw there.
When i finished the trek i wondered if i be dreaming about mountains.. I think i will..

All the best
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
4:17 pm
I'm now at Chiang mai , at the north of thailand.
Came here on the best bus ever.

Yesterday was my year anniversary of travels.
I'm too lazy to write.. Sorry
Monday, February 21st, 2005
4:20 pm
Fucking computers!
Tried to make an MP3 cd. Nero. Start burning. Burning complete. Check. THE CD IS BLANK. Try again, same shit!
I suppose that the cd is bad but how can it be seen as blank. I can write on it again and again.

Yesterday night I tried another bunch of local food. Some new big bug and a frog. Both fried. Frog is nice, salty. Good with beer i suppose.

Take care, don't rely on computers too much

Current Mood: frustrated
Sunday, February 20th, 2005
11:29 pm
Teaching Thais English
Woke up at 12:30, after tuna sandwich and chokolate milk took boat to China town, to buy some stuff before I leave to north. In the midway saw a very very nice temple and decided that i should see it. One the way back a nice local man started talking to me (I was surprised,here people don't just start talking like in India). He told he's going to teach english in budhist school nearby and would be very happy if i could help him, you know, someone that could speak in normal accent. On the way i started to think that it's a trick to get me robbed, but soon we arrive to the school. There were 7 students, 6 women and a young monk. They come every sunday to practice speaking english. It was a nice experience to "teach", they were very happy and asked alot of questions.
Afterwards i went to restaurant with the teacher and then visited his home. His wife , who runs hair salon gave me a "hairwash", which was more of massage with shampoo. It was nice. Relaxing.

I don't know who said that thai people are not nice. I think in a way they even nicer than indians. THey don't fuck your brain with questions like my name age and if i'm married or not. And when I ask for directions the point me to the right one or say that they don't know.. Indians just point somewhere, you need to ask at least 3 and go to the direction where most people pointed. The problem that most of people hardly know english, and those who know speak with terrible accent!
3:18 am
I'm in Bangkok for 8 days now, past 4 days doing almost nothing. Makes me wonder, maybe i'm tired of travelling, maybe i miss home and that's what i found here? Or maybe i'm just to lazy to make up my mind, decide what I really want to do, pack and go.

Just a thought
3:06 am
השעה 3 בלילה ואני יושב לי באינטרנט בבית חב"ד ומרגיש כמו בבית. לא , אני לא חוזר בתשובה פשוט החבר'ה פה עושים עבודה מדהימה בלתת הרגשה של בית. בניגוד לבתי חב"ד אחרים שהייתי בהם , פה אני לא מרגיש שהם מצפים ממני משהו, לא שואלים אם אני רוצה להניח תפילין ולא מזכירים שוב ושוב שיש שיעורים בערב. בקיצור, כיף פה, כמו בבית.
ואני כבר לא מזכיר את המזגן, את האינטרנט החינמי . באמת , הדבר הכי חשוב זאת האוירה!

לילה טוב

Saturday, February 19th, 2005
1:47 am
Still in Bangkok. Been to a jail today. With 4 girls. Visited one israeli who ate 2kg bags of ganja to throw them out in Israel. Too bad for him that one of the bags got torn. He woke up in hospital with police and IL embassy around.
8 month in Bangkok. Not fun at all.
Don't do drugs in Thailand.

Shabat Shalom to all of you. Second "Kabalat Shabat" in Bangkok. Really nice place and people. I get some insights here, don't worry though. I'm not into religion .
Friday, February 11th, 2005
1:39 am
New Day
Yesterday, just after I wrote my melodramatic post and went back to the streets my mood instanlty changed. Bangkok is cool, touristy but cool. Alive. It was midnight and there were people everywhere, music, shops, restaurants, street shows. The most alive city i saw in my life.
All those little (or not so little) differences you notice after long time in india. I went to a small supermarket to buy water and a huge refrigerator with yogurts caught my eye. Yogurts.. Didn't have those for ages. In past year i had a few options: sweet lassi, salt lassi, plain lassi, banana lassi (lassi is indian yogurt), and it's cool to have some more options from time to time. So took one went to pay, and the cashier gives me pastic spoon for yougurt. Now this would never happen in india :).
U saw pudel dog today. There are dogs here, and they are in good condition. Makes me wonder if street dogs serve the same purpose as street chickens in india - food. Didn't saw dog stakes yet but did see good looking fried insects. I'm not joking, they looked really yummy. Like snacks. Gonna taste them today! Street food here is good. Everything you can imagine. Rice, noodles, soups, meat, ice cream, fruits...
I'll stay in Bangkok for a while, make visas for Laos and Cambodia and then head to the north.

So that's all for now. Will keep you updated.
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
1:35 am
Bangkok #1
I'm not in India anymore. It struck me while i was sitting on the pavement in Kao-San, the
busy street of western tourists in Bangkok that it is not sidetrip from India and will not
be coming back to India any time soon.(Although i will one day) I'm in a different country,
and different world. I've been living and travelling in India & Nepal for more than 11
months. Well.
I had a spicy aloo-mutter (potato & greenpeas) for breakfast, the last dish in india. Taxi
with that girl from Nepal i met in Kolkata and another guy. Seeing India through the window
of the cab for the last time. Airport. 4 stages of security. Brand new shining plane and
place by the window. Takeoff. Red wine. Bye bye.
It took me 31 hour to travel from one Indian city to another and 2 hours to get to another
world. Amazes me every time.
Bangkok is different. It's stunning after India. It begins at aiprort. It's huge. Enormous.
And and unlike in india efficient. Clean streets, huge high buildings. Smooth new taxi with
aircon and music. Cruising at speed of 100km/h, the fastest for past 11 months. Kao san.
Bombardement of senses: food, restaurants, shops, billboards, lights, obcene number of
tourists, more than locals. No cows. No beggars. Everything is clean. Too clean. Too easy.
Too modern. Too western. It's nice for the first hour, then I got tired. Overwhelmed. So i
sat on the pavement and.. see the begining of e-mail^ .
It's not that I don't like it here. I didn't see anything yet. It's just I miss something that i think only India can offer. Like cows. Those big calm shanti cow.
So this was my day. It was shorter by 1.5 hours. Guess why :)
BTW. What should i do with my dindia@yahoo.com now? :)

Something I found on excellent IndiaMike.Com:
You may be missing India, when you ......
....Re-wire all the lights in your house and insert a random selector.
....Start washing your clothes in the local river.
....Start commuting to work on the roof of the train.
....Start sucking aniseed so you can spit on the wall in the yard.
....Put a 'Horn OK' bumper sticker on your car and blast horn every 3 seconds.
....Re-wire the bathroom to leave all the cables exposed.
....Argue with the newsagent over the cost of your daily paper.
....Set the farmers cows free to roam the streets.
....Open a market stall to sell used false teeth.
....start wearing flip flops everywhere
....litter with reckless abandon
....when doing business with an Indian run establishment you immediately switch to giving money with the right hand
....when something is going wrong you say "why like this baba" and no one has any clue what your talking about
....you offer a share of your sandwiches round to fellow passengers on the 08:05 to Liverpool Lime Sreet
....you buy Kingfisher Beer when you're in Tesco's
....you need a number two and it crosses your mind to go and crouch by the railway line
....you tell taxi drivers you've been in the UK for 39 years and that you're not a tourist
....you sleep in your car at night
....you ask complete strangers "what is your religion?"

And the best 3. All of them happened to me many times today.
....You now tilt your head in response to questions and wonder why you get weird looks
....Your hands are always in prayer pose when greeting others.
....you keep remarking about how clean everything is!

Love you all.
Special greetings to all of you wonderful people I met in India that made it so special.
Write. Danny.

PS: Special request. If anyone of you uses messanger or ICQ and i don't have me in the list please sent me your ID
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
5:49 pm
It was hard to believe or accept the fact it will ever happen, but, my indian visa ends tomorrow. Tomorrow
I'll leave india for thailand.
I'm flying from Kolkata (it's cheapest-135$), to Kolkata i arrived on train from Chennai. It was a very
long journey-31 hours, 1650 km. I decided to spoil myself for the last train travel and got AC coach. It
was nice experience travelling in quiet and coolness, though i think the usual noisy sleeper is more
authentic. I think ppl who visited india will understand me.
It was nice to come to Kolkata (Calcutta) again (i visited it first in June). Nothing has changed. Same
faces at sudder st. the main backpackers place- rikshamen, shop owners,tea people... Staying in the
same Modern Lodge GH (Greets Fabi,Anna,Brad. I miss you!). Kolkata is still crazy, beautiful, dirty, poor,
rich, smelly, noisy, an astounding bombarment on all sences. I love it. The most beautiful big city in
India. Too bad it suffers from bad stigma.

An amazing thing (that can only happen in India) happened to me. On the day i arrived i saw 2 walking
bags on the street where i stay, on one bag was written Hagar Kimhi, which was suspisiously familiar.
It was familiar. It was girl i met in Kathmandu, more than 2 months ago. (Cheers Nimrod, Galit and
especially Limor). She came to Kolkata from Chennai as well, 6 hours later. What even more amazing is that we separately booked tickets to Bangkok for the SAME date. We fly together. Wouldn't you say it is amazing

I have alot to tell you. So many experiences. So many special places and people. But the time is short, i'm
tired, and got to do some farewell calls to my friends in india (Hello Mumbai gang and Meet!) so i finish
Wish you a great time wherever you are. Next time I'll
write for Thailand.
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
11:53 am
Another lazy day in Goa
No updates for today. Been for like 4 hours at the sea, swim , read, tan, meet ppl. Life's good. Almost month in Goa. I think i could live here.
Saw news at the evening.. TV.. fucking shit.
That's all..
Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
2:25 pm

שלום לכל האנשים המודאגים והלא כ"כ מודאגים,
קודם כל, הכל בסדר אצלי. עד כדי כך בסדר שנודע לי על כל מה שקרה רק למחרת וגם זה במקרה, נסעתי באוטובוס ואיזה הודי לידי קרא עיתון , ביקשתי ממנו לקרוא גם והבנתי שכדאי מאוד להתקשר הבייתה. רק כששמעתי את הקול של סבא הבנתי מה קורא אצלכם (דגש על אצלכם, כי פה הכל בסדר גמור) הוא היה על סף היסטריה ואמר שהמון חברים וקרובי משפחה וכל מי שמכיר אותי התקשרו להורים והם גם פוחדים מאוד.
(הם גם עשו רשימה של כל מי שלא התקשר ולא התעניין!!) רק שתבינו באיזה בועה אני חי פה, בלי טלויזיה כמעט בלי חדשות. וזה טוב, ככה זה צריך להיות. אם אתם שואלים אותי אני הייתי יותר מודאג ממה שקורה בארץ. :)(\

אתם בטח תוהים מה אני עושה, אז ככה, כבר יותר מ3 שבועות אני בגואה, ורוב הזמן אני בים, לפעמים עושה טיולים בסביבה, כמו למשל אתמול, הייתי בעיירה שנקראת גואה הישנה. עד לפני 50 שנה כל הודו כל גואה הייתה מושבה פורטוגלית עד שהודים לא זרקו אותם, ואולד גואה הייה המקום שממנו התחילה כל ההתישבות, יש שם מלא כנסיות יפהיפיות ועתיקות, השנה בסביבות חג מולד מראים גופה של אחד הקדושים המקומיים, שמרוב קדושתו קרה נס וגופתו כמעט טריה (יוותר נכון דומה למומיה) אחרי יותר מ 300 שנה... את הגופה לא ראיתי כי היה תור של איזה 5 שעות .
אח"כ הייתי בקולנוע אמיתי, עם מזגן, כיסאות נוחים, הפסקה באמצע וסוללת שירותים הכי נקיים בהודו. ראתי את INCREDIBLES. סרט מ-ע-ו-לה.
ולסיום של היום הייתי בקרקס הודי שבא לגואה לכבוד הקריסמס. היה משעשע מאוד, למרות שהקרקס נראה חובבני למדי, הארובטים כמו בכל קרקס, והבנות שרוכבות על אופניים על הראש לא פחות יפות מכל קרקס אחר, לפי דעתי דווקא החובבניות מוסיפה חן.
כשחזרתי לחוף ראתי חדשות באחת המסעדות.. מה אני אגיד לכם. פאקינג שיט! כמה טוב להיות פה ולהיות מנותק מהכל!
זהו.. מאחל לכם המון ים , שמש, שמחה , אהבה ואושר בשנה החדשה.
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
3:24 pm
Update? Again?
Hello people..
Sorry for not writing for so long.

I'm now in Goa. Alot of sea, sun, sand and parties.
I wonder , how many of you still check out this so please add comments to encourage me to write more..

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
11:58 pm
A few days ago I arrived in Pokhara, Nepal.
It's unbelievable but i felt the change while at the border. You cross a gate to nepal and suddenly everything is more peacefull, organized and cleanier. The road to Pokhara was breathtaking! Everything is so green like a jungle!
Pokhara is second largest city in Nepel, very beautiful location by beautiful lake. The main tourist area "lakeside" is like a town made for travellers: gret restaurants, alot of trekking agencies, gear shops, german bakeries, even clubs and pubs. And.. Supermarkets! Real supermarkets. It's been 7 months since i saw one. It's nice to see some civilization from time to time. And there are sidewalks on the streets. And you don't see garbage everywhere. And the nicest thing. You absolutely don't hear car horns. If you ask me the nonstoping horns are the most annoying thing for me in india. Saying all that doesn't mean I don't like India anymore, just took a short vacation from it. It's healthy.
So I'm having fun here. Riding on the bycicle around the town and lake, the other day rented scooter and went little further into the countlry with Inbal (the friend that surprisingly visited me!), drinking beer in a pub with live music by very good nepali rock band, eating good food and all.. Felling like in vacation from vacation! And the mountains. Wow. the mountains. Huge rocks at the horizon that touch the skies. Can't explain the feeling, one need to see it himself!

I plan to trek around annapurna, for around 2 weeks, but meanwhile the sky is cloudy so i'm waiting for it to get better. I don't mind staying in Pokhara for a week more, i really like the place. That's all for now , will keep you updated :)
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
10:56 pm
Sorry for not writing for a long time.. Been busy..(just was too lazy to write a big e-mail..) so here's the big update!

After Calcutta I've been to Mumbai visited my Nepali friends, Tarkarli- beautiful deserted beach north of Goaand then Delhi

As you know (or most likely don't) one of my best friends suprised me and came to india for 2 months so now we're atravelling together....
I met her in Delhi (which was hell as usual) then we had real hell train to Vanassi The train which supposed to leave at 20:30 was "rescheduled" to 4:30 AM!! I was shocked! so we found some shithole place to sleep couple of hours and took it.
Vanassi was beautiful, scenic and spiritual, especially at the morning, we took boat ride on the sacred river ganges saw all the morning action by the river, pujas (religious ceremonies...), this city is the essence of india so to say. Just see the pictures (no pics of varanasi yet.. forgot to u/l them.. to be later.. ).. And the fucking monkeys... got in the fucking room while we were away, ate the fucking mango, openet couple of back cofee packets and stole my book.. Fuck the monkey..:) I should've known better when i gave mango to those bastards at the morning... Well as you understand varanasi was too much india, not place to relax and after 3 days we took train to Amritsar , the one with the golden temple.
Golden temple is magnificent! Very peaceful and beautiful. The people (Sikhs) are very nice and friendly (not in the indian way:). At the evening we saw the closure of indo-pakistan border wich was the best show in town if not in india.. Verry funny. And extremely patriotic :)
For night we stayed in dorm room in the temple complex and even ate for free in the common kitchen. As i understood in every temple there's kitchen and rooms (for free) for pilgrims, and they don't have to be sikhs!it was really cool!
Next morning we took train to McLeod Ganj place near Dharamsala. It was the worst ever, there was me and 3 girls and the indian guys behaved like monkeys, one of them was hanging outside the coach just beside our window, constantly drooling over inbal (my friend). But nevermind, we arrived peacefully took bus to dharamsala, which is the residence of His Holiness Dalai Lama. Nice peaceful & touristy place, alot of budhist monks and temples. Unfortunately Inbal got sick so we couldn't do much and then on the second day it started raining alot and was cloudly , just like in darjeeling, Really depressing, but after all inbal and weather got better and we had few nice days of walks around the town, and even climbed to some higher town with magnificient views.

From Dharamsala we took bus to Manali, after 7 hours on the way we had enough and went out at mandi near beautiful place called Rewalsar lake, alot of budhist monasteries (apparently someone very important to budhists had something to do with it..), after 3 days went to parvati valley, been to amazing place called Jari (we had the best room i had in India! practicly GH to owrselves), then Manikaran for the hot springs, did spontaineous 2 day trek to kasol via high mountain by ourselves- stayed overnight at some village on top of the mountain.
After that we took bus to Naggar. Little charming town with beautiful museum of Russian painter and explorer who lived, worked and died there.
Then we went to Manali, stayed in place called Vashisht, nice place with beautiful waterfall and VERY hot springs. Actually they were so hot that it's inpossible to go streight to the bath, you need to splash some hot water on yourself first and the , when you're in you can just feel your balls getting boiled. When you feel they're over boiled you go out to the cold air , cool down and go back to the hot water. After doing it for 5 times you're red like tomato and relaxed like you never been before. Best high ever!

After staying for almost a week in Manali we took jeep ride to Leh, Ladakh. 450KM ride took us 2 days with overnight stop in the middle of desert, in some camp place. Nevertheless it was the most spectacular ride i ever took in my life- riding over the mountains, in place that looks like moon with snowpeaks! We rode on the 2nd highest motorable road in the world (i think it was around 5000m). And more importand the guys on the jeep were really great, all were travellers and we had a great time together.
At first i found Leh not very pretty place, very dusty and sandy but after a while you get used to it. Peiople here are very different from rest of india- most of the people are ladakhis, very close to tibetians, which means that they're much more quieter and relaxed.
After a few days there we and more guys rented jeep for 3 days trip to nubra valley. It was nice,even beautiful, stunning etc. etc. but i prefer the less luxurous way of taking bus- cheeper and you see more things because you don't have pressure of time.
We made a small trek for a week, walked from village to village trough desert, it was my best experience from Ladakh. When you walk (unlike when you're on bus) you can really feel the nature, experience it. And the views. WOW! Remind alot of Negev and Harei Eilat desert in suouthern israel, just much much bigger and higher- there are many snowpeaks all around. WOW WOW WOW!
We returned just in time for the Ladakh festival that started on 1 september, there was a great procession through Leh city with all the ethnic costumes , music and more. It was so very colorful! They all gathered in polo stadium where there was a nice show-cum-concert!

Back from Leh we decided to spend some money and took a flight to Delhi, it saved us 3 days of travel! And the flight was beautiful, we flew over himalaya, snowpeaks. and .. well..what can i say... I just like to fly :)
Delhi was hell. Very hot and humid and noisy and just too indian! Especially after being for ladakh for 20 days! We did some sightseeng and at the night took train to Rishikesh, which is the world capital of yoga and meditation and even the beatles came here in sixties! the city is so so.. nice but not too much...and it's too hot and humid here so i'm feeling kinda cooked...Ah.. I miss Leh weather. Very dry .. but cold at night :)
It's so hot that after going from hotel to eat breakfast you're too tired already and want to sleep again... Baaa.. The yoga is good here .. Makes me feel alive... :)

So i think that's all.... You're welcome to see the photos i uploaded recently... Just go to my site.... http://photos.yahoo.com/dunee2
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
8:32 pm
We don't need no meditation... or do we?
Welp. I failed it. Couldn't bear it. I gave it a try, 4 days. Meditating for like 12 hours a day. Been trying to concentrate on my breath, nose, nostrils, the itchcing and scratching af the area. That was bigger than me.
It was quite disappointing. Because this thing should work, many people tried this, and that girl that i came with was totally transformed by it. But on the other hand maybe i don't really need this? Maybe this kind of meditation us not the right one for me? I dunno. Yesterday when I finally decided that's it, I "meditated" with music. (which was of corse forbidden- you're not supposed to talk, read, write, listen to music. Only meditating and you can only speak with the teacher). Well it felt good, much better than the whole days of meditating. I felt alive.
The funny thing is that i could even say that girl that i'm leaving. Remember - she can't talk. So i just left a note.
And now I looked vipassana webpage again. Hmm.. Maybe I'm missing something here? It sounds so good. Maybe too good? But yet on so many people it did work.. Ehm. Anyway I'm looking forward to meditate with Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, and then have yoga lessons and then maybe Osho meditation.

I had plenty of time to think though. And guess what. I'm happy (usually), I'm healthy, have great friends, food to eat (it's not so obvious in India), and I'm in India- My biggest dream came true!

So as one sweet canadian girl said:
I'm broke but I'm happy
I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah
I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby
What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine

So now I'm back to Calcutta, met old friends, and met some more. Almost back home.

P.S. If anyone of you had experience with Vipassana meditation please e-mail or leave comment. All others, don't forget you're always welcomed to comment, ask question , encourage, tell jokes in comments. Thanks

One of the pictures I took in Calcutta. The girl was just sleeping on the sidewalk. Totally peaceful.
Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
1:51 pm
So as I wrote. My plans changed. Instead of going to west i went to Kolkata (aka Calcutta). It was very spontaneous decision, i cancelled train tickets and got but ticket 1 hour before departure. I wanted to see the city i read about and I'm going to meet Julia, the german girl i met in Darjeeling.
It took me 13 hours of bus to reach the city. The city... It was not what I expected.
I'm not a big fan of big cities, all the pollution, millions of people, traffic, poverty and in Calcutta it's much more extreme. But i was pleasantly suprised, eventhough it is polluted and there's alot of poverty on the street it a pleasant city to be. In the past it was capital of british empire so there are many beautiful buildings, gardens, the streets are wide and have sidewalks and there's even subway (metro), the first in india. You just feel you're in a big city, and suprisingly I liked it. I had a real espresso for the first time in india, saw many beutiful places, walked a huge Howrah bridge (probably the busiest bridge in the world), been to planetarium, markets, museums, beautiful 250 years old cemetary and much more. And the internet here is soo cheap! 30c/hour!

And another nice thing that there are many cinemas here, the other day i saw another indian movie (didn't understand much....) and yesterday we saw "the day after tomorrow" which is basically "yet another sci-fi - world gonna end comedy". The story was quite rediculous and it was made by the book of hollywood blockbaster - prodigial scientist, president that doesn't listen, teen romance, regular man turned into hero and the usuall bullshit, but I must admit that the effects were spectacular and for less than 1$ it was the best entertaiment in the city (if you don't take the movie seriously).

Another thing I like about Calcutta is that there are so many backpackers, many nice and friendly people from all around the world, it's nice to be again at the place where peolpe understand english and jokes :)

Today i (again) spontaineously decided (with help of the sweetest girl from Portugal) to take Vipassana meditation course. It starts tomorrow, and takes 10 days.
Click here for more info. Click here for info in Hebrew. During the 10 days it's forbidded to talk (other than with the teacher, at evenings) and the thing you do all the day is meditaiting. But there are more in vipassana than this. Check the site for more info.

Since I'm taking Vipassana meditation course I would be unavailable till 27 june. Please do mail me but be patient!

I updated my photo album!!
Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
9:08 pm
Back to Kalimpong .. and Bhutan

After 2 days in Loleygaon I had a very pleasant walk down the hill to a river, which was just in time, it was really hot that day. Finished the book about Calcutta.. Then caught a jeep up to Kalimpong where iI'm going to stay overnight and then take a bus to Phoentseling, border city of Bhutan.
Bhutan is a small country north of India, usually it costs 150$ a day to visit it (on organised trip only) but it's possible to cross to the border city (only) for free.

It was so funny. You just cross a gate and you're in different counry. And eventough it's only a gate you immideately see the difference- everything is much cleaner and organised. People don't shout and there are sidewalks. :)
There's not much to do and see there but i needed to go out of India. See, I have 1 year visa , but i can't stay more than 6 month at once. I need to go out and then come back. You ask why? Have no idea. It's india. The problem that my 6 months would've been at the end of august which is not a really good time to go to Nepal (Raining! Monsoons!). So i've fought the burecracy by going for 1 day out of india. Not really out. It's more that there are just 2 cities, Indian and Bhutanese that are moxed together. You walk on the stree and one side is india and the other one is Bhutan. You can use Bhutanese money in Indian town and vice versa (exchange rate is the same). Very funny... You get your change in money of different countries.

So after apending a night abroad I took bus back to city called Siliguri, planning to take train to Amrizar, some 1600km to north west... But my plans changed, as usual at the last minute.
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