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After spending in total 12 hours on 2 buses I arrived to border town of Chiang Khong.
Over the river is Laos where i go tomorrow.

All the best..

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I'm now back for my motorable (if you know what i mean) trip at the north east of thailand. It was awesome! Amazing feeling of freedom! Saw alot of nature, waterfalls, flowers and been walking in the jungle. And in all that time hardly saw any tourists!
It's much easier to get of the beaten track in Thaland than i though. Maybe I had really low expectations of thailand after so many people told me that Thailand just isn't the real thing (not India:), but i do find thailand interesting and people very warm, friendly and civilized (wich is good change after India.

Now i'm in bus station at Chiang Mai waiting for my bus for laos border. There were
buses before but they were full! No seats available. I tried to explain that i can stand or sit on the floor. No Possible! So now i need to wait 1.5 hours! I can't fucking believe that! Imagine this shit happens in India! hh. The bus there wouldn't move if it's not packed enough!
Oh boy....The real problem of Thailand is that it's too much advanced here.. to many computers... Too much civilization! The roads are very good though. Which is good. But the bus drivers are so lame. I miss indian pilot-drivers that take you to rollercoaster every time you step inside the bus.
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i now at a new quiet place at north of thailand - PAI. Stay in bungallo with beautiful view, made
fully from bamboo- very enveromentally friendly, and the place is like home, it's run by a very friendly woman, who makes you feel like home. There's DVD and tv and alot of movies so the first
day i spent watching movies! Just been laying on the carpet in front of tv... Like home.
Yesterday and today i rented bicycle and saw surroundings. Nice and peacefull here. And now i'm using the internet of the GH for FREE!

Yesterday saw Cold Mountain. Very good movie , but that's npot the point. There are alot of views of mountains, snow, river. My heart ached. I thought of Nepal, the himalaya, all the beauty i saw there.
When i finished the trek i wondered if i be dreaming about mountains.. I think i will..

All the best

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I'm now at Chiang mai , at the north of thailand.
Came here on the best bus ever.

Yesterday was my year anniversary of travels.
I'm too lazy to write.. Sorry

Fucking computers!

Tried to make an MP3 cd. Nero. Start burning. Burning complete. Check. THE CD IS BLANK. Try again, same shit!
I suppose that the cd is bad but how can it be seen as blank. I can write on it again and again.

Yesterday night I tried another bunch of local food. Some new big bug and a frog. Both fried. Frog is nice, salty. Good with beer i suppose.

Take care, don't rely on computers too much
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Teaching Thais English

Woke up at 12:30, after tuna sandwich and chokolate milk took boat to China town, to buy some stuff before I leave to north. In the midway saw a very very nice temple and decided that i should see it. One the way back a nice local man started talking to me (I was surprised,here people don't just start talking like in India). He told he's going to teach english in budhist school nearby and would be very happy if i could help him, you know, someone that could speak in normal accent. On the way i started to think that it's a trick to get me robbed, but soon we arrive to the school. There were 7 students, 6 women and a young monk. They come every sunday to practice speaking english. It was a nice experience to "teach", they were very happy and asked alot of questions.
Afterwards i went to restaurant with the teacher and then visited his home. His wife , who runs hair salon gave me a "hairwash", which was more of massage with shampoo. It was nice. Relaxing.

I don't know who said that thai people are not nice. I think in a way they even nicer than indians. THey don't fuck your brain with questions like my name age and if i'm married or not. And when I ask for directions the point me to the right one or say that they don't know.. Indians just point somewhere, you need to ask at least 3 and go to the direction where most people pointed. The problem that most of people hardly know english, and those who know speak with terrible accent!

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I'm in Bangkok for 8 days now, past 4 days doing almost nothing. Makes me wonder, maybe i'm tired of travelling, maybe i miss home and that's what i found here? Or maybe i'm just to lazy to make up my mind, decide what I really want to do, pack and go.

Just a thought

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השעה 3 בלילה ואני יושב לי באינטרנט בבית חב"ד ומרגיש כמו בבית. לא , אני לא חוזר בתשובה פשוט החבר'ה פה עושים עבודה מדהימה בלתת הרגשה של בית. בניגוד לבתי חב"ד אחרים שהייתי בהם , פה אני לא מרגיש שהם מצפים ממני משהו, לא שואלים אם אני רוצה להניח תפילין ולא מזכירים שוב ושוב שיש שיעורים בערב. בקיצור, כיף פה, כמו בבית.
ואני כבר לא מזכיר את המזגן, את האינטרנט החינמי . באמת , הדבר הכי חשוב זאת האוירה!

לילה טוב


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Still in Bangkok. Been to a jail today. With 4 girls. Visited one israeli who ate 2kg bags of ganja to throw them out in Israel. Too bad for him that one of the bags got torn. He woke up in hospital with police and IL embassy around.
8 month in Bangkok. Not fun at all.
Don't do drugs in Thailand.

Shabat Shalom to all of you. Second "Kabalat Shabat" in Bangkok. Really nice place and people. I get some insights here, don't worry though. I'm not into religion .

New Day

Yesterday, just after I wrote my melodramatic post and went back to the streets my mood instanlty changed. Bangkok is cool, touristy but cool. Alive. It was midnight and there were people everywhere, music, shops, restaurants, street shows. The most alive city i saw in my life.
All those little (or not so little) differences you notice after long time in india. I went to a small supermarket to buy water and a huge refrigerator with yogurts caught my eye. Yogurts.. Didn't have those for ages. In past year i had a few options: sweet lassi, salt lassi, plain lassi, banana lassi (lassi is indian yogurt), and it's cool to have some more options from time to time. So took one went to pay, and the cashier gives me pastic spoon for yougurt. Now this would never happen in india :).
U saw pudel dog today. There are dogs here, and they are in good condition. Makes me wonder if street dogs serve the same purpose as street chickens in india - food. Didn't saw dog stakes yet but did see good looking fried insects. I'm not joking, they looked really yummy. Like snacks. Gonna taste them today! Street food here is good. Everything you can imagine. Rice, noodles, soups, meat, ice cream, fruits...
I'll stay in Bangkok for a while, make visas for Laos and Cambodia and then head to the north.

So that's all for now. Will keep you updated.