dindia (dindia) wrote,

Back to Kalimpong .. and Bhutan


After 2 days in Loleygaon I had a very pleasant walk down the hill to a river, which was just in time, it was really hot that day. Finished the book about Calcutta.. Then caught a jeep up to Kalimpong where iI'm going to stay overnight and then take a bus to Phoentseling, border city of Bhutan.
Bhutan is a small country north of India, usually it costs 150$ a day to visit it (on organised trip only) but it's possible to cross to the border city (only) for free.

It was so funny. You just cross a gate and you're in different counry. And eventough it's only a gate you immideately see the difference- everything is much cleaner and organised. People don't shout and there are sidewalks. :)
There's not much to do and see there but i needed to go out of India. See, I have 1 year visa , but i can't stay more than 6 month at once. I need to go out and then come back. You ask why? Have no idea. It's india. The problem that my 6 months would've been at the end of august which is not a really good time to go to Nepal (Raining! Monsoons!). So i've fought the burecracy by going for 1 day out of india. Not really out. It's more that there are just 2 cities, Indian and Bhutanese that are moxed together. You walk on the stree and one side is india and the other one is Bhutan. You can use Bhutanese money in Indian town and vice versa (exchange rate is the same). Very funny... You get your change in money of different countries.

So after apending a night abroad I took bus back to city called Siliguri, planning to take train to Amrizar, some 1600km to north west... But my plans changed, as usual at the last minute.
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