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So as I wrote. My plans changed. Instead of going to west i went to Kolkata (aka Calcutta). It was very spontaneous decision, i cancelled train tickets and got but ticket 1 hour before departure. I wanted to see the city i read about and I'm going to meet Julia, the german girl i met in Darjeeling.
It took me 13 hours of bus to reach the city. The city... It was not what I expected.
I'm not a big fan of big cities, all the pollution, millions of people, traffic, poverty and in Calcutta it's much more extreme. But i was pleasantly suprised, eventhough it is polluted and there's alot of poverty on the street it a pleasant city to be. In the past it was capital of british empire so there are many beautiful buildings, gardens, the streets are wide and have sidewalks and there's even subway (metro), the first in india. You just feel you're in a big city, and suprisingly I liked it. I had a real espresso for the first time in india, saw many beutiful places, walked a huge Howrah bridge (probably the busiest bridge in the world), been to planetarium, markets, museums, beautiful 250 years old cemetary and much more. And the internet here is soo cheap! 30c/hour!

And another nice thing that there are many cinemas here, the other day i saw another indian movie (didn't understand much....) and yesterday we saw "the day after tomorrow" which is basically "yet another sci-fi - world gonna end comedy". The story was quite rediculous and it was made by the book of hollywood blockbaster - prodigial scientist, president that doesn't listen, teen romance, regular man turned into hero and the usuall bullshit, but I must admit that the effects were spectacular and for less than 1$ it was the best entertaiment in the city (if you don't take the movie seriously).

Another thing I like about Calcutta is that there are so many backpackers, many nice and friendly people from all around the world, it's nice to be again at the place where peolpe understand english and jokes :)

Today i (again) spontaineously decided (with help of the sweetest girl from Portugal) to take Vipassana meditation course. It starts tomorrow, and takes 10 days.
Click here for more info. Click here for info in Hebrew. During the 10 days it's forbidded to talk (other than with the teacher, at evenings) and the thing you do all the day is meditaiting. But there are more in vipassana than this. Check the site for more info.

Since I'm taking Vipassana meditation course I would be unavailable till 27 june. Please do mail me but be patient!

I updated my photo album!!
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