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Sorry for not writing for a long time.. Been busy..(just was too lazy to write a big e-mail..) so here's the big update!

After Calcutta I've been to Mumbai visited my Nepali friends, Tarkarli- beautiful deserted beach north of Goaand then Delhi

As you know (or most likely don't) one of my best friends suprised me and came to india for 2 months so now we're atravelling together....
I met her in Delhi (which was hell as usual) then we had real hell train to Vanassi The train which supposed to leave at 20:30 was "rescheduled" to 4:30 AM!! I was shocked! so we found some shithole place to sleep couple of hours and took it.
Vanassi was beautiful, scenic and spiritual, especially at the morning, we took boat ride on the sacred river ganges saw all the morning action by the river, pujas (religious ceremonies...), this city is the essence of india so to say. Just see the pictures (no pics of varanasi yet.. forgot to u/l them.. to be later.. ).. And the fucking monkeys... got in the fucking room while we were away, ate the fucking mango, openet couple of back cofee packets and stole my book.. Fuck the monkey..:) I should've known better when i gave mango to those bastards at the morning... Well as you understand varanasi was too much india, not place to relax and after 3 days we took train to Amritsar , the one with the golden temple.
Golden temple is magnificent! Very peaceful and beautiful. The people (Sikhs) are very nice and friendly (not in the indian way:). At the evening we saw the closure of indo-pakistan border wich was the best show in town if not in india.. Verry funny. And extremely patriotic :)
For night we stayed in dorm room in the temple complex and even ate for free in the common kitchen. As i understood in every temple there's kitchen and rooms (for free) for pilgrims, and they don't have to be sikhs!it was really cool!
Next morning we took train to McLeod Ganj place near Dharamsala. It was the worst ever, there was me and 3 girls and the indian guys behaved like monkeys, one of them was hanging outside the coach just beside our window, constantly drooling over inbal (my friend). But nevermind, we arrived peacefully took bus to dharamsala, which is the residence of His Holiness Dalai Lama. Nice peaceful & touristy place, alot of budhist monks and temples. Unfortunately Inbal got sick so we couldn't do much and then on the second day it started raining alot and was cloudly , just like in darjeeling, Really depressing, but after all inbal and weather got better and we had few nice days of walks around the town, and even climbed to some higher town with magnificient views.

From Dharamsala we took bus to Manali, after 7 hours on the way we had enough and went out at mandi near beautiful place called Rewalsar lake, alot of budhist monasteries (apparently someone very important to budhists had something to do with it..), after 3 days went to parvati valley, been to amazing place called Jari (we had the best room i had in India! practicly GH to owrselves), then Manikaran for the hot springs, did spontaineous 2 day trek to kasol via high mountain by ourselves- stayed overnight at some village on top of the mountain.
After that we took bus to Naggar. Little charming town with beautiful museum of Russian painter and explorer who lived, worked and died there.
Then we went to Manali, stayed in place called Vashisht, nice place with beautiful waterfall and VERY hot springs. Actually they were so hot that it's inpossible to go streight to the bath, you need to splash some hot water on yourself first and the , when you're in you can just feel your balls getting boiled. When you feel they're over boiled you go out to the cold air , cool down and go back to the hot water. After doing it for 5 times you're red like tomato and relaxed like you never been before. Best high ever!

After staying for almost a week in Manali we took jeep ride to Leh, Ladakh. 450KM ride took us 2 days with overnight stop in the middle of desert, in some camp place. Nevertheless it was the most spectacular ride i ever took in my life- riding over the mountains, in place that looks like moon with snowpeaks! We rode on the 2nd highest motorable road in the world (i think it was around 5000m). And more importand the guys on the jeep were really great, all were travellers and we had a great time together.
At first i found Leh not very pretty place, very dusty and sandy but after a while you get used to it. Peiople here are very different from rest of india- most of the people are ladakhis, very close to tibetians, which means that they're much more quieter and relaxed.
After a few days there we and more guys rented jeep for 3 days trip to nubra valley. It was nice,even beautiful, stunning etc. etc. but i prefer the less luxurous way of taking bus- cheeper and you see more things because you don't have pressure of time.
We made a small trek for a week, walked from village to village trough desert, it was my best experience from Ladakh. When you walk (unlike when you're on bus) you can really feel the nature, experience it. And the views. WOW! Remind alot of Negev and Harei Eilat desert in suouthern israel, just much much bigger and higher- there are many snowpeaks all around. WOW WOW WOW!
We returned just in time for the Ladakh festival that started on 1 september, there was a great procession through Leh city with all the ethnic costumes , music and more. It was so very colorful! They all gathered in polo stadium where there was a nice show-cum-concert!

Back from Leh we decided to spend some money and took a flight to Delhi, it saved us 3 days of travel! And the flight was beautiful, we flew over himalaya, snowpeaks. and .. well..what can i say... I just like to fly :)
Delhi was hell. Very hot and humid and noisy and just too indian! Especially after being for ladakh for 20 days! We did some sightseeng and at the night took train to Rishikesh, which is the world capital of yoga and meditation and even the beatles came here in sixties! the city is so so.. nice but not too much...and it's too hot and humid here so i'm feeling kinda cooked...Ah.. I miss Leh weather. Very dry .. but cold at night :)
It's so hot that after going from hotel to eat breakfast you're too tired already and want to sleep again... Baaa.. The yoga is good here .. Makes me feel alive... :)

So i think that's all.... You're welcome to see the photos i uploaded recently... Just go to my site.... http://photos.yahoo.com/dunee2
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