dindia (dindia) wrote,

It was hard to believe or accept the fact it will ever happen, but, my indian visa ends tomorrow. Tomorrow
I'll leave india for thailand.
I'm flying from Kolkata (it's cheapest-135$), to Kolkata i arrived on train from Chennai. It was a very
long journey-31 hours, 1650 km. I decided to spoil myself for the last train travel and got AC coach. It
was nice experience travelling in quiet and coolness, though i think the usual noisy sleeper is more
authentic. I think ppl who visited india will understand me.
It was nice to come to Kolkata (Calcutta) again (i visited it first in June). Nothing has changed. Same
faces at sudder st. the main backpackers place- rikshamen, shop owners,tea people... Staying in the
same Modern Lodge GH (Greets Fabi,Anna,Brad. I miss you!). Kolkata is still crazy, beautiful, dirty, poor,
rich, smelly, noisy, an astounding bombarment on all sences. I love it. The most beautiful big city in
India. Too bad it suffers from bad stigma.

An amazing thing (that can only happen in India) happened to me. On the day i arrived i saw 2 walking
bags on the street where i stay, on one bag was written Hagar Kimhi, which was suspisiously familiar.
It was familiar. It was girl i met in Kathmandu, more than 2 months ago. (Cheers Nimrod, Galit and
especially Limor). She came to Kolkata from Chennai as well, 6 hours later. What even more amazing is that we separately booked tickets to Bangkok for the SAME date. We fly together. Wouldn't you say it is amazing

I have alot to tell you. So many experiences. So many special places and people. But the time is short, i'm
tired, and got to do some farewell calls to my friends in india (Hello Mumbai gang and Meet!) so i finish
Wish you a great time wherever you are. Next time I'll
write for Thailand.
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