dindia (dindia) wrote,

New Day

Yesterday, just after I wrote my melodramatic post and went back to the streets my mood instanlty changed. Bangkok is cool, touristy but cool. Alive. It was midnight and there were people everywhere, music, shops, restaurants, street shows. The most alive city i saw in my life.
All those little (or not so little) differences you notice after long time in india. I went to a small supermarket to buy water and a huge refrigerator with yogurts caught my eye. Yogurts.. Didn't have those for ages. In past year i had a few options: sweet lassi, salt lassi, plain lassi, banana lassi (lassi is indian yogurt), and it's cool to have some more options from time to time. So took one went to pay, and the cashier gives me pastic spoon for yougurt. Now this would never happen in india :).
U saw pudel dog today. There are dogs here, and they are in good condition. Makes me wonder if street dogs serve the same purpose as street chickens in india - food. Didn't saw dog stakes yet but did see good looking fried insects. I'm not joking, they looked really yummy. Like snacks. Gonna taste them today! Street food here is good. Everything you can imagine. Rice, noodles, soups, meat, ice cream, fruits...
I'll stay in Bangkok for a while, make visas for Laos and Cambodia and then head to the north.

So that's all for now. Will keep you updated.
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