dindia (dindia) wrote,

i now at a new quiet place at north of thailand - PAI. Stay in bungallo with beautiful view, made
fully from bamboo- very enveromentally friendly, and the place is like home, it's run by a very friendly woman, who makes you feel like home. There's DVD and tv and alot of movies so the first
day i spent watching movies! Just been laying on the carpet in front of tv... Like home.
Yesterday and today i rented bicycle and saw surroundings. Nice and peacefull here. And now i'm using the internet of the GH for FREE!

Yesterday saw Cold Mountain. Very good movie , but that's npot the point. There are alot of views of mountains, snow, river. My heart ached. I thought of Nepal, the himalaya, all the beauty i saw there.
When i finished the trek i wondered if i be dreaming about mountains.. I think i will..

All the best
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