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I'm now back for my motorable (if you know what i mean) trip at the north east of thailand. It was awesome! Amazing feeling of freedom! Saw alot of nature, waterfalls, flowers and been walking in the jungle. And in all that time hardly saw any tourists!
It's much easier to get of the beaten track in Thaland than i though. Maybe I had really low expectations of thailand after so many people told me that Thailand just isn't the real thing (not India:), but i do find thailand interesting and people very warm, friendly and civilized (wich is good change after India.

Now i'm in bus station at Chiang Mai waiting for my bus for laos border. There were
buses before but they were full! No seats available. I tried to explain that i can stand or sit on the floor. No Possible! So now i need to wait 1.5 hours! I can't fucking believe that! Imagine this shit happens in India! hh. The bus there wouldn't move if it's not packed enough!
Oh boy....The real problem of Thailand is that it's too much advanced here.. to many computers... Too much civilization! The roads are very good though. Which is good. But the bus drivers are so lame. I miss indian pilot-drivers that take you to rollercoaster every time you step inside the bus.
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